Video Speed Controller to Speed Up & Slow Down Online Videos

Sometimes it is not very pleasant when we cannot change the video speed on Twitter and Facebook. YouTube also does not let us change the video speed beyond 2.0x. We also need a reliable and trusted online video speeder extension across all popular video streaming OTT platforms to increase and decrease video speed very easily.


Key Features of Video speed controller For Chrome

We all consume most video content like movies and web series on our laptops and desktop PCs because of the large and high-resolution screens. That is why we need a good video speed increaser/decreaser Chrome extension for our browser. The Video Speed Controller has been specially developed to solve all problems related to speeding up or slowing down a video. Here are some of the key features of the extension:

How To Use Video Speeder extension

Here are steps to use our video speeder extension efficiently:
How to use

Video speed controller for all OTT platforms, including Netflix and Amazon Prime:

This video speed changer is one solution for controlling video playback speed across all video streaming and OTT platforms. This extension works with all your favorite platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Disney+Hotstar.

Shortcut keys to open & control video playback speed using video speed controller extension:

If you do not want to use the mouse to change the video speed, then with this extension you can set the desired video speed using shortcut keys as well.
Short Cuts

Customize Video Speeder shortcut keys

The Video Speeder extension enables you to customize shortcut keys according to your choice so that it becomes easy for you to remember. Here are some of the steps to customize the Video Speeder Controller shortcut keys:

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Franz Kafka
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Works just fine for me. a tool with which I can speed up the video on any OTT platforms. I liked it..
Randy Ortan
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This Extension is very useful to control the video speed.
Cate Klen
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No nonsense excellent video speeder. Way to go guys and gals. Keep it simple and you guys were able to do that. My hat is off to you.


Video Speeder is a very useful & reliable chrome extension that controls the video playback speed on any online video streaming platform or OTT platform with ease.
Yes, definitely. You can easily watch YouTube videos at more than 2x speed by installing the Video Speeder extension, which supports playback speeds up to 4x.
Video Speeder Chrome extension is a trusted & 100% safe to use a Chrome extension to control video playback speed for online video streaming and OTT platforms.
You can use Video Speeder Chrome extension across all online video streaming and OTT platforms across all video streaming platforms like Netflix, YouTube & Amazon Prime.
Download & install the trusted Video Speeder Chrome extension & change the video speed with ease.

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